Lord Avebury, the esteemed friend that KDP-Iran won’t forget

KDP press committee
2016-04-20 23:00:35

 On February 14th 2016, Lord Avebury passed away aged 87 years.

Who was Lord Avebury?
Lord Avebury was a British humanist and politician.
Lord Eric Avebury (Eric Reginald Lubbock) was a Liberal democrat politician who was a parliament member between 1962-1970 and served as member of House of Lords from 1999 until his death.
He got his early education in Canada and Great Britain.  Later he studied Engineering Science at Oxford. After military service in the Welsh Guards, he joined Rolls-Royce company and continued working there until 1960.
In 1960, Eric joined the Liberal Party and later that year he was elected as his party's candidate in the Orpington district. In 1970 he was one of the three candidates to become the Liberal Democrat Party leader but he could not get the necessary votes. Later he became the spokesman of the Liberals at the commission for refugees and international relations at the parliament. This was how Eric entered the arena for Human Rights defense and for that purpose he created a parliamentary group for Human Rights and he was the chairman for that group for 20 years. Eric was a member of International relations committee in the parliament too.
Lord Avebury's Human Rights activities was not restricted within Great Britain alone. He considered the Human Rights' situation internationally and the impact of Britain's relations and foreign policy on Human Rights as his question. Kurds were one of the oppressed nations that Lord Avebury had a friendly approach to and he followed the political development in Kurdistan.
One of Lord Avebury's most known activities was his work regarding Human Rights abuses in Islamic Republic of Iran and the regime's terrorist activities and atrocities against the Iranian people. He was the writer of a series of books full of evidence about the oppression and crimes that the regime had committed. In 1994 "The murder machine in Tehran", in 1995 "Death Fatwa", in 1996 "Iran: State of terror" , in Autumn 1998 "serial assassinations" and a book about Iranian women's lack of rights which was published in 90's.
Lord Avebury's interest in Kurdish question in general and the Kurds in eastern Kurdistan in particular and his respect for KDP-Iran and its struggle and activities was so strong that his participation in Dr. Qasemlou and Dr. Sharafkandi's commemoration was very effective. In his speeches in those gatherings and in his writings to KDP-Iran on different occasions and during his meeting with Party representatives, Lord Avebury always expressed his full support for the Kurdish people's legitimate struggle against the Iranian regime and he condemned the terror and crimes committed by Islamic regime against  the Kurdish people and Kurdistan Democratic Party. He also condemned the executions, imprisoning of Kurdish activists, killing of civilians and the suppressive efforts of the regime against the Kurdish freedom fighters. His great efforts in parliament and in the committee for Human Rights in the parliament and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in order to bring clarity about the faith of 6 KDP members who were handed over to Iranian regime by Kurdistan Islamic Movement and also his active participation in the campaign for reopening of  the assassination case of Dr. Qasemlou in Vienna, were part of his support for the Kurdish people and KDP-Iran. Sympathizing with the Kurdish people and his continuous support for them were a part of his everlasting humanitarian  responsibility. There were few catastrophe and crimes against the Kurdish people that Lord Eric was silent and without a stance. Even during the last couple of years when he was struggling against a serious illness, he did not neglect his responsibility, like when the fire disaster in a school in Shinawe village happened, Lord Eric raised his voice against the negligent Iranian authorities and he tried to put pressure on those responsible to take the responsibility towards the victims of that disaster. 
In the parliament, in the Human Rights committee and in his daily life, Lord Eric Avebury was the brave voice and the conscience of humanists and the frank voice of the oppressed and disadvantage ones in different places of the world. After Lord Eric Avebury's death, the people of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Democratic Party lost a friend and a mighty and precious supporter.
In February this year when Lord Avebury passed away, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran) was holding its 16 th congress. Unfortunately this coincidence resulted in not being able to convey our condolences and  pay tribute to his services towards the Kurdish people and Kurdistan Democratic Party when this great man passed away.   
Tuesday the 12 th of April 2016, as a token of our appreciation to Lord Avebury's support and sympathy towards the Kurdish people and Kurdistan Democratic Party, a delegation representing KDP-Iran, consisting of Mr. Mouloud Swara, member of KDP's leadership, and Mr. Farzad Hekmat, chairman of KDP-Iran British committee, visited Lord Avebury's gravesite and put a flower bouquet at his grave site. While the delegation paid their respect to the great personality and humanist, they reaffirmed that KDP members and sympathizers will never forget his support and services towards the party and the Kurdish people in Iran and that he will always be remembered as a hero.
KDP-Iran's press committee
April 12 th 2016