The New Conspiracies Of The Iranian Regime Against The Kurds

2015-10-25 12:33:14

 About recent events in Urmia (Azarbaeijan-e-Gharbi), the valleyball match,  Farhad Pirotpour and his family


Recently there are a lot of news about contumely and insult from Turkish audience  to Farhad Pirotpour - Volleyball player - and his family in Volleyball Stadium Urmia when there was an important volleyball match between "Shahredari-e-Urmia" and "Banke-e-Sarmayeh-e-Tehran" 

According to this important event, there are a lot of different comments and views about that and all of the Kurds who live in Urmia and around the city, have decided to be present in the Urmia Stadium with Kurdish traditional dress that they will wear as audience on the Wednesday-The day that next Volleyball match will be held- 

In the recent events, we should note several important points witch will come as follows:

·        Islamic and Terrorist Regimes of Iran is in the worst political and social situation now and tolerates so much pressures from all the world in the field of democracy and human rights. One of the the best ways to decrease these pressures, is trying to create divisions and scissoring between different ethnicities that live in Iran. In the recent events, undoubtly they have implemented programs to create division between Kurds and Turks in the region of North West of Iran.

·       According to history, two ethnic Turks and Kurds have always historically friendly relations.They have lived and have struggled for democracy and get their rights for a long time since many years ago. Iran regime afraid of this friendly relationship between Kurs and Turks and do every thing and every planning to destroying that.In this situation, the Turks and Kurds should be aware about that fraud and deception and they should use it against Iran regime.

·        Iranian Kurds make up the majority of the population of Kurdistan province and together with the Azaris, they are one of the two main ethnic groups in West Azarbaijan province. In West Azarbaijan province Kurds are concentrated in parts of the southern and western parts of the province. The best key to reach the rights and to be success on their national goals for both of them -Kurds and Turks- is alliance together. On this way, they can to destroy all of the  Islamic and Terrorist Regimes of Iran's tricks.

I'm not disagree with that decision as a Kurd that my fellow citizens want to be present in the Urmia Stadium with Kurdish traditional dress that they will wear as audience on the Wednesday and I admire that decision and respect to that wise decision but it's so important to implement this decision in the most respectful way to our Turkish compatriots. Otherwise we expect that the Turkish compatriots also to appropriate response in this respect. It will be the best solution to demolish the Islamic and Terrorist Regimes of Iran's tricks.


Akam Assadi