United for Democracy

By : Mohsen Berkhane
2015-05-20 17:14:21

 Today we have gathered here under one flag, united for freedom and human rights. Standing in solidarity with our brave nation in Eastern-Kurdistan.

United to send a message to this brutal Islamic Republic regime that we do not tolerate any insult to our great nation.
We are here for Farinaz Xusrawani, this spirit of this uprising in Eastern-Kurdistan and all the other lives we have lost in Kurdistan and Iran.
Brave defenders of freedom and democracy like Shwane Qaderi and Neda Sultan.
We want to send a message to our foundation, Peshawa Qazi Muhammad
and Mela Mustafa Barzani, your spirit is still alive and stronger than ever.
We also here to send a message to our brave leaders; Dr.Abdulrahman Qassemlou and Dr.Sadegh Sharafkandi.
Your spirit will live on as protectors of humanity. Leaders who chose to live and die for democratic rights of our great nation.
The Islamic Republic has different leaders and a different agenda for our country,  the Middle-East and the world.
The Islamic Republic is deceptive but in essence the Shia version of ISIS. It is based on Islamic Fascism.
Instead of promoting human rights, human values and democracy, the Islamic Republic promotes and exports terrorism.
The trademark of the Islamic Republic is state murder, torture and state sponsor of Terrorism.
They are trying to silence our voice but we are here today to break the silence; and i quote Mr.Ghandi who once said: "Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly"
We can only break the silence if we are truly united.  If we truly want to achieve this goal, if we truly want to have democracy in Kurdistan, in Iran, the Middle-East and the rest of the world. We have to be united.
We are living in a time of technological advancements. 
An interconnected, globalized, evolving world.
And yet here we are today, in this beautiful democratic country Holland, in front of the Islamic Republic embassy, talking about a dark age regime.
The embassy of a regime responsible for the death of hundreds of American soldiers, by sending IED's to terrorist  groups in Iraq.
This is not just an embassy but a portal through which this regime is monitoring millions of people outside the country. 
It is from places like this where they plan terror plots against the opposition groups, like in the case of our Kurdish leaders.
Ignoring these facts will endanger not just our region but the world. The world is as i mentioned interconnected, as we have felt the dangers of ignoring terrorists in the Middle-East will backfire on us and hurt us anywhere around the world.
This is the most brutal fascist regime next to North-Korea and the Islamic  regime under Daash (ISIS).
There are no democratic rights in Iran, everything is controlled and manipulated.
State TV's like Press TV control all the flow of News and Information and when people rise up and revolt, every connectivity to the outside world is blocked by this regime.
It is no different for this recent uprising in Eastern-Kurdistan, after the tragic incident of Farinaz Xusrawani. This young Kurdish girl was forced to commit suicide to escape the horrors of an Islamic Republic agent. In this case, escaping rape and torture.
This tragic incident happened on 4th may 2015 and let to protests in the Kurdish city of Mahabad on 7th May 2015 followed by major Kurdish cities in Eastern-Kurdistan.
This resulted in 4 lost lives on the Kurdish side and many more wounded. 
Just in the city of Mahabad, over 700 people were  arrested and their faith is unknown, joing the already long list of political prisoners like Saman Naseem and Zeynab Jalilian.
Most of these brave people risk torture and execution by the regime and our worst fear is that this is already happening behind the walls.
Islamic Republic, like ISIS is a state which uses Islamic Sharia law and there is not a single possible way to defend your rights within this regime.
There is no justice system in place under the Ayatollah's but a system of clerics who decide whether you are against the Islamic Republic or not.
Any intention to change this regime from within is fabricated to extend the rule of the Ayatollah's.
Reform and change is a myth under the current regime.
This is why the number of executions, even under the so called reformist president Rouhani is rising, compared to Ahmadinejad, who was a conservative radical puppet of the Supreme leader.
Just recently Amnesty International published a report in which Islamic Republic ranks #2 in the list of countries with most executions, after China with a population of over 1.4 billion people. Relatively Iran is #1 and Kurds make up most of the executions. 
The Kurdish nations is the most oppressed minority group in Iran.  
This is why we call upon the International community to support the Kurdish people in Eastern-Kurdistan and address the human rights issues in talks with the Islamic Republic.
We call upon the International community to condemn the brutal acts of the Islamic Republic against the Kurdish nation.
Long live Kurdistan!