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Kurdish question in Iran and the missile attack by Islamic Republic on the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran) in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 2018-10-01
U.S Ambassador Nikki Haley At UN: “Iran attacked the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran killing eleven people. This was not an act of Iranian proxies, but of the Tehran regime itself. It was Iran’s first military strike into Iraqi territory in over a decade”. 2018-10-01
Press Confernce of Dr Asso Hassanzadeh, Deputy Secretary General of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran) About air missile attack on the headquarters of (KDP- Iran) 2018-10-01
39th Anniversary of Khomeynis Fatwa against the Kurdish people in Iran 2018-10-01



Iranian Kurdish groups start unification talks 2015-01-25



Kurds in London marched peacefully against the murder of three Kurdish women activists in Paris 13 Jan 2013 London 2013-01-15

Protests for supporting Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand and all political prisoners in Iran.(12 July 2012 London) 2012-07-13

Protests for supporting student and Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand and all political prisoners in Iran. (8 July 2012 London) 2012-07-13

European Parliament debate on ethnic minorities in Iran 2012-06-21

Amnesty International Report 2012 2012-05-24

The story of the release of the assassin of Shapour Bakhtiar by France the hypocrite 2012-05-14

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Iran-US relations 2012-05-14

Iran to hold new nuclear conference 2012-05-14

Marina Nemat 2012-05-14

Iran: Sakineh Ashtani sentenced to death by stoning 2012-05-14

Iran's president to address UN 2012-05-14

Die Kurden - Ein Volk, das es nicht geben darf (1983) 2012-05-14

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