Two wounded in a mine explosion in Baneh and Piranshahr

2018-05-20 10:41:33

In a mine explosion near boarder areas of Baneh and Piranshahr, two piggyback transporters were seriously wounded. Kurdistan Democracy and Human Rights Organization announced that Yadegar Karimyan, a 30 years old piggyback transporter from the village Bayindareh- Baneh was seriously wounded in a mine explosion, while piggyback transporting on Monday evening,  May 14th 2018. As a result of this incident, he lost a leg and he is hospitalized in Baneh hospital for medical care. Rahman Rassuli Azer another piggyback transporter from Gawradeh- Piran lost a leg in a mine explosion on Sunday, May 23th 2018. Mine explosions in Kurdistan are a common thing, while the Iranian regime continues the production and exportation of anti-personnel mines and considers them to be the only means of safeguarding the borders, but civil and proletarian activists believe that these measures are only designed to stop the Kurdish workers and piggyback transporters who earn their livelihood by transporting goods across the border. It’s worth mentioning that last year 43 people were killed or wounded as a result of mine explosions in Iranian part of Kurdistan. According to official statistics, the government claims that more than 16 million mines and other explosives were left, which are not disarmed, all remaining after the war in Kurdistan, but only a fraction of them are removed. According to the same statistics, between the years 1982, when the Iran-Iraq war did end until 2011, more than 2433 victims have lost their lives and 5601 people have been wounded. Kurds were the major victims among them, 1966 dead and 4717 wounded were people from the border areas of Kurdistan from Ilam, Kermashah, Sanandaj and Urmiyah provinces.