Esteemed secretary General and the members of the politburo of Kurdistan Democratic Party

2018-03-08 15:45:45

 We received the news about the assassination of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s commander and Peshmerga, Mr. Qader Qaderi with great sorrow. Hence, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to your party and comrade Qader’s family.

The assassination of comrade Qader, the competent cadre and commander of Kurdistan Democratic Party, has saddened all of us. We as the Kurdistan Regional Government assure you that we have assigned all our security authorities to apprehend the perpetrators of this act and hand them over to the court to be charged in accordance to the law.

We pray to our great God to send the soul of the deceased to heaven, to comfort his family and friends and hope this will be your last sorrow.

We all belong to God and will return to him.


Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister

7th of March 2018