The Speech of Mr Mostafa Shalmashi member of Political Brue and Representative of KDP abroad in SI Council Meeting in Barcelona, Spain

2017-11-27 21:27:54

 Dear Mr. President,

Secretary General,

SI Council participants,

Dear Comrades,

As Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)'s representative, I wish a very successful council meeting for all of us.

I am honored to give you the warmest greetings from our party's leading board, members and Peshmerga’. I come from a part of Kurdistan which is located in Iran where the so called Islamic regime interferes in all the neighboring countries domestic affairs, supports terrorism internationally, is in the process of getting access to atomic bomb, and tries to run a power show through developing long range missiles and does not pay any respect to Human Rights and violate the Iranian people's basic rights drastically.  Human rights defenders, activists and journalists are arrested daily, receive heavy sentences, are executed and hanged in public without having access to a fair trial. Right now, a large number of Kurdish activists are in Iranian prisons or in death row and it appears that they are ignored by the international community. 

I use this opportunity to tell you about a new aspect of Iranian regime’s aggression. Iran forces are present in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Kurdistan and many other countries trying to encourage tensions and to destabilize the entire Middle East region.

The worst part is that the so called Islamic regime of Iran is present in Iraqi Kurdistan solely to suppress any Kurdish freedom seeking voice and to protect its own economic benefits and to keep its commercial connection and use the potentials of Kurdistan. When it comes to help Kurdish people, Islamic regime of Iran is absent. Look at the example of Iranian Kurdistan Kermanshah and Ilam after the powerful earthquake of 7.3 on the Richter scale 2 week ago and what the Iranian Kurds are going through right now. The casualties in Iranian Kurdistan is more than 1000 dead more than 10000 injured. Iranian regime does not help its own people properly and does not allow the international community to help the people after the earthquake.  It does not even allow the international reporters and journalist to reflect the scope of the catastrophe or attract the attention of the international community. The Kurds in the region and from abroad collected some helps but are not allowed to reach those people in a proper way. There are some reports indicating that the Iranian regime is trying some missiles under the ground in the region and that is why it does not allow anybody to reach those areas. While deprived Kurdish people in the region after the earthquake need the international help to be able to reconstruct their houses or recover after the catastrophe.

It is widely known that the Kurds have been suppressed and subjected to the oppression by their neighbors, the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, Iraqi Shiite regime, the nationalist government of Turkey, the Assad regime in Syria and ISIS in Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan.

Despite all of these conflicts, Kurdish Peshmerga forces are the key fighters in the battle against ISIS and terrorism in the region. In other words, Kurdish Peshmerga, our female and male fighters are defending the whole international community against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. They have proved that they fight for stability, peace, pluralism and establishing a democratic system in the region. 


Dear Comrades,

Following the referendum on independence in South Kurdistan on the 25th of September 2017, the central governments controlling various parts of Kurdistan posed threats to Kurdistan regional government in terms of embargo, surrounding and blocking the roads. Meaning that KRG wasn’t able to reach the outside world. The central government with support of Iranian regime conducted military assault, simultaneously and in a synchronized way which culminated in Iraqi army and Iraqi Shiite militia (PMF) retaking Kirkuk and a large part of disputed areas.

Worthy paying attention to the role that the Islamic Republic of Iran played in completing those conspiracies against KRG and the impact the new situation has had on the Kurdish question and the movement in East Kurdistan in general.

Despite the historical animosity towards the Kurds wish for liberation and self-determination, by Kurdish people’s enemies, the fact that the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan, through democratic and modern means showed their aspiration, in accordance to the conventions and principles of self-determination is a legitimate right of these people.

After of a century old annexation, oppression and discrimination against the Kurdish people in Iraq. Those who should be criticized are not the Kurds but the governments controlling Kurdistan, since in response to the peaceful expression by these oppressed people, even before they took any step towards secession, those governments immediately responded with isolating, starving and militarily attacking these Kurds. Regardless of the reasons behind the setback of the Kurds in this phase, the mobilization of the Kurd’s enemies or our people’s retreat, does not have a negative effect on the Kurdish forces belief on sovereignty of the Kurdish movement as a politically justified quest, since self-determination (in any form), is the Kurdish people’s legitimate right and this right has to eventually come true.

The international community’s passivity and negligence towards the embargo and military aggression against Kurdistan and widely military support of Iran for Iraqi forces and Hash Al-Shaabi militia, has emboldened the Iraqi government to a degree that beyond the previous framework for the Iraqi and the Kurdish forces’ position, it threatens the Kurdistan region and its position in the constitution. This passivity and negligence especially from the leading nations of the coalition against ISIS, shows their disloyalty towards the Kurds bravery and sacrifices which according to the same coalition’s acknowledgement, the Kurds Peshmergas, as the whole world’s representatives, have fought the extremists who posed a great threat to the world’s security. Comparing the extremism, instability and the regional rivalry in the Middle East and the model of openness and coexistence existing in the Kurdistan region,  the international community’s standpoint regarding the latest development in Kurdistan region, seems to be frightening for Kurds not only with regards to the future of the Kurds but alsofor the future of the region both from the political and the security point of view.

Regardless of the existing regional coordination for pressuring and intimidating Kurdistan, the single most efficient factor of the recent events in the Kurdistan region, which has been admitted by the authorities in Islamic Republic, has been the Iranian regime’s support for the Iraqi army and Hash Al-Shaabi militia (the Popular Mobilization Forces). The destabilization role of the Islamic Republic in the recent events in South Kurdistan, apart from being a continuation of this regime’s intervention in different regions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, it shows, better than ever, that this regime is a danger not only for the Kurds in any part of Kurdistan but also for the middle east and the whole world. Iran’s role and intervention in recent events in Iraq and South Kurdistan is not only worthy of being studied by Kurds in this part of Kurdistan, but also by the US administration, which some days ago, had designated the IRGC as supporters of terrorism.  

We expect SI to play a more active role towards the events in the world and in finding solutions to conflicts that affect all of us. We hope that SI pays a better attention to the SI Kurdish group and assigns a delegation for a closer collaboration with this group.  

Kurdistan is a rich land and is capable to be independent, but it needs the international support. I hope our cooperation here can empower us to fight against terrorism and those who support terrorism internationally. We can be the voice of those who are struggling for their rights, peace, justice, democracy and human dignity.


Wish you all success in pursuing freedom and justice in different parts of the world.