Six Kurdish political prisoners' request for retrial was rejected in Orumieh in the last few days

2017-05-10 23:07:55

 After two meetings with families and lawyers of the six Kurdish political prisoners held in "Miandoab" prison, the Orumieh justice department has denied the lawyer's request for retrial.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights network, after 6 months of review, the Supreme Court based in Qom in February confirmed the verdict issued by the “Miandoab” penal court without hearing the witnesses in the case. Worthy mentioning that the confirmed verdict sentenced “Kamal Ahmadnejad” to death and the other five prisoners including “Halmat Abdollahi”, “Soleiman Kori”, “Milad Abdi”, “Said Siahi” and “Mostafa(Keivan) Tahazadeh” to a total of 75 years of imprisonment. 
Families and lawyers of the above mentioned six political prisoners have met officials from the Orumieh Justice Department twice in recent weeks to request reassessment. Unfortunately, experts from the Justice Department under the pressure from the security agents rejected the request without paying attention to the case documents or witnesses.
According to the mentioned source, the documents in the case exceed 400 pages which are solely prepared based on the report coming from ministry of intelligence, while the families and lawyers had collected enough documents to verify those prisoners’ innocence. But the supreme court rejected to pay attention to those documents and confirmed the verdict without giving an opportunity to the collected information to be discussed. 
According to a source close to the families; the prisoners had accepted the guilt earlier but during last July in a court session with the presence of 3 judges in “Miandoab” penal court office 1, they denied their involvement and announced that they had been forced to accept and make that confession under the torture. The penal Court, however, announced the prisoners as guilty without hearing the witnesses or going through the details of the case. 
This source adds that all the efforts by the lawyers and families have not been fruitful and since the verdict have been confirmed by the supreme court, then Kamal’s life is in danger, he can be executed soon and this worries his family a lot.
Later, they were all detained for 6 months in solitary cells in the Orumioeh Intelligence Office and interrogated under torture to extract televised confessions. The video confessions of prisoners were broadcasted in November last year in the Orumieh TV Channel and Press TV. 
All six prisoners in 2015 in another court, accused of cooperation with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and sentenced to 8 months of imprisonment. 
Five of the prisoners when their sentence was notified, they had no opportunity to protest, only one of these prisoners appealed to this sentence and was acquitted of this charge by the Court of Appeal. 
The court hearing of the six prisoners held in the "Miandoab" penal court office 1 in August last year and despite evidence to prove that those six suspect prisoners could not be in the killing scene at the time of crime but the court denied to hear or pay attention to the witnesses or the lawyers and issued its verdict. 
According to the issued verdict “Kamal Ahmadnejad” as the main suspect was sentenced to death and five other prisoners accused of involvement in the killing were sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Four of the prisoners named "Halmat Abdollahi", "Milad Abdi", "Said Siahi" and "Mostafa (Keivan) Tahazadeh” were temporarily released from prison on three hundred million bail later. But by the end of March last year when the Supreme Court ruling becomes final, they were re-arrested and taken to jail in “Miandoab”.

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5th of May 2017