Turkish jets bomb Kurdistan Region for second day


Turkish jets bomb Kurdistan Region for second day

2017-04-23 11:42:55

 ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkish fighter jets for a second time in 24 hours bombed the Kurdistan Region’s Amedi mountainous outskirts on Saturday, indiscriminately targeting one vehicle belonging to civilians and one of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters.
At around 2pm on Saturday, Turkish warplanes bombed the villages of Delashe and Kaniye in Amedi in Duhok province.

Rudaw’s correspondent reported that, initially the airstrikes targeted a vehicle of PKK fighters, and later an empty civilian car. The warplanes were spotted flying very low.

No casualties were reported due to the airstrike.
Turkish fighter jets also on Friday bombed Amedi area, injuring a 35-year-old woman injured in the aerial attacks.
“On Friday afternoon, at 2:00 pm, Turkish fighter jets bombed Nerwa Rekan area in the Amedi region. A woman who was there for spring herbs was injured,” assistant manager of Amedi hospital, Darwesh Rekani, told Rudaw.

The injured woman's husband claimed that the Turkish army knows the locations of the PKK positions, but still targeted areas where civilians were.

He said the PKK should leave the area in order to end the bombings and allow villagers to return to their homes
The PKK has some 5,000 guerrilla soldiers stationed mostly in the remote bordering areas of the Kurdistan Region.
Violent clashes resumed when peace talks collapsed between the PKK and the Turkish government in June 2015 with the army attacking guerrilla positions inside cities in southeastern Turkey.
Casualty figures released by the Turkish army and the PKK differ widely. They both appear to increase those killed within the opposing force and minimize the losses suffered on their own sides.

Source : Rudaw