Kurdistan Democratic Women’s Union delegates in SIW, with Dr. Kwestan Gadani as a representant

2017-02-26 17:17:08

 Today marked the opening of the Socialist International Women’s 21st congress in Cartagena, Colombia. The conference is called “Gender Inequality in the World Today – Understanding the New Challenges and Ending Gender Inequality by 2030

Text and photos: Hanna Ghaderi

To start off the congress, president Ouafa Hajji held her opening speech to the member organisations present at the council meeting. During the council session the vice-presidents and other executive members went through three main points; the amendments made to the statutes, presentation of the candidates whom are to be elected tomorrow and proposals from the member organisations.

The only proposal made was from the representant of the Kurdistan Democratic Women’s Union, Kwestan Gadani, where she suggested to separate the middle east from the region divided into the Mediterranean East, the Middle East and the Caucasus. This proposal was made due to the exceptional situation that the middle eastern women have been in for some time.

There was also a reception dinner for the participating members of this congress. The hostesses from the National Organisation of Liberal Women, Colombia, held a short speech. Further on the members were met with national music, entertainment and informal mingling with the other member organisations.

There will be further updates on this congress.

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