Speech of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-IRAN) Abroad Committee in the Socialist International Council Meeting at the United Nations headquarter in Geneva.

2016-07-05 18:09:10

 Dear Mr. President,

Secretary General,
SI Council participants,
Dear Comrades,
As Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)'s representative, I wish a very successful and prosperous council meeting for all of us. 
I am honored to give you the warmest greetings from our party's leading board, members and the Peshmerga.
We are glad and proud, that we have become a member of the Socialist International family which is a significant international organization. Our people in Kurdistan, our members and Peshmarga expect the Socialist International to play a meaningful role in highlighting the Kurdish case and their rights internationally. 
We are determined and committed to meeting the objectives of the Socialist International in our region, namely the Middle East which suffer from the crisis and tension.
It is widely known that the Kurds are suppressed and subjected to the oppression by their neighbors, including the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, the nationalist government of Turkey, the Assad regime in Syria and ISIS in Iraqi Kurdistan. ISIS or DAESH actually has planned to genocide Kurds and ruin Kurdistan region in Iraq.
Despite all of these conflicts, Kurdish Peshmarga forces are the key fighters in a battle against ISIS and the terrorism in the region. In other words Peshmarga, our female and male fighters are defending the whole international community against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. 
They have proved that they fight for stability, peace, pluralism, and establishing a democratic system in the region. 
Dear Comrades,
I am from Eastern part of Kurdistan which is located in Iran, ruled by the Islamic regime which does not pay any respect to Human Rights and the Iranian people's basic rights. 
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP Iran) during its 71 years of struggle has always tried to resort to negotiations and finding a peaceful settlement with the regime in Iran. 
Our party has even lost its Secretary General Dr Qasemlou on negotiation table killed by Iranian regime diplomat-terrorist agents in Europe, in Vienna, Austria in front of the international community's eyes on July 13th, 1989. 
In spite of credible evidence on the direct involvement of diplomat-terrorists of the Islamic regime in this tragedy, then the government of Austria sacrificed justice for her country’s political and  commercial interests and allowed the three suspected accomplices who had taken refuge in the Iranian embassy then to slip out of Austria without ever being questioned by the Austrian authorities.
Kurdish people, our members and affiliates never forget that tragedy and are still waiting and demanding justice to be carried out regarding Dr Ghasemlou's assassination. We never give up and in this regard we request for the SI’s collaboration.   
In Iran human rights defenders, activists and journalists are daily arrested, receive heavy sentences, are executed and hanged in public without having access to a fair trial. A large number of Kurdish activists are in prison or in death raw right now in Iran and it seems that they are ignored by the international community. 
As an example we can point out the drastic situation of Kurdish human right defender Mohammed Sedigh Kaboudvand who has been in prison for the last 10 years simply because he founded Kurdistan Human Rights organization and prepared reports regarding human rights violation in Kurdistan.
We hope that SI can become a platform to help us make the Kurds' voice heard; the voice of victims of chemical bombardment of Halabja and Sardasht, genocide, exodus, Sexual slavery, assassination, prison and execution. 
We hope that SI pay a better attention to the SI Kurdish group and assign a delegation for a closer collaboration with this group.  
Kurdistan is a rich land and is capable to be independent, but it needs the international support.
I hope our cooperation here can empower us to fight against terrorism and those who support terrorism internationally. 
We can be the voice of those who are struggling for their rights, peace, justice, democracy and human dignity.
We also look forward to a successful SI Congress in the near future and we believe that the SI can play a more prominent role in the international community.
Wish you all success in pursuing freedom and justice in different parts of the world.
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-IRAN) Abroad Committee 
1st July 2016