Air and missile attack to the headquarter of Kurdistan Democratic Party by Islamic Republic of Iran

2018-09-09 13:57:27

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The Islamic regime in Iran facing the economic sanctions exercised by the International communities and the protest of Iranian people resorts to violence, suppuration and terrorism against the Iranian people and Kurdistan to cover its fear and to create horror. Iranian regime is afraid of losing power.
As it was mentioned in our previous statement earlier today Saturday September 8th at 10:45 local time Islamic Regime in Iran attacked the headquarter of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran). The air and missile attack targeted the meeting (Plenum) of the central committee/leading board of Kurdistan Democratic Party. It needs to be pointed out that the headquarter of KDP-Iran is located near to Koya city in the Iraqi Kurdistan long inside Iraq and far from Iran- Iraq border. This headquarter had been targeted once before on December 21st, 2016 when 7 members of the party were killed during a terrorist attack planned and carried out by the Iranian regime agents.
During and after the attack, the Iranian military drones were seen flying over Koya and the region.
16members of Kurdistan Democratic Party have been killed and 45were injured in this missile attack. Their names will be mentioned at the end of this statement plus 2 without identifying.
The office of women union, handicap and children organization located in the headquarter are destroyed completely and a number of children, elder and women have been injured.
This brutal attack to the headquarter of Kurdistan Democratic party carried out after the execution of 3 Kurdish prisoners in Iran last night. Despite all the protests and requests by the international communities, Iranian regime executed Zaniar and Loqman Moradi and Ramin Hossein Panahi.
It is worth mentioning that the Iranian regime violated the territorial sovereignty of Iraqi Kurdistan during last days through cannon attack to the border region between Soran and Piranshahr.
Kurdistan Democratic Party Polit Bureau condemns the missile attack to its headquarter in Iraqi Kurdistan, condemns the execution of 3 Kurdish political prisoners and express it condolence and sympathy to the families of the casualties and wishes recovery for the injured.
Even if the loss of several charismatic members of the leading board, peshmerga, female and male members of the party is a heavy loss for us, but we promise to our affiliates, to the Kurdish people that we are even more determined and motivated in our struggle against the dictatorship system ruling in Iran and in our struggle to pursue democracy, freedom and human rights.
Kurdistan Democratic Party has been subjected to several terrorist attacks carried out by Iranian regime several times and each time has not only survived the attack but also becomes stronger, more experienced and determined after each loss.
The Kurdish activists have always been ready to join the Kurdistan Democratic Party and its struggle and to revive the memory of those who devote their lives to achieve freedom.
We express our gratitude to the inhabitants and emergency health providers of Koya for their help and sympathy. We inform the international community that our members and their families who have lost their homes need urgent and profound humanitarian aids.
We hope this brutal missile attack and the execution of Kurdish prisoners as the latest crimes committed by the Iranian regime to become an incentive for Kurdish people in Iran to go to strike against Iran's regime.
We expect the Iranian and Kurdish activists and organization in Iraqi Kurdistan and abroad to arrange demonstrations and show their protest against these types of crimes committed by the Iranian Regime.
We ask the international community not to be silent and to react properly when the regime of Iran resorts to violence and terror both inside and outside the border of Iran.
Kurdish people expect the International community to confront the Iranian regime when it comes to international terrorism.  Iranian regime resorting to terror and horror, killing our activist needs to become an inspiration for us the Kurds to create a unified front, to cooperate and to be harmonious in our struggle against the regime.
Salute to the latest martyrs of Kurdistan Democratic Party and Iranian Kurds
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)
Polit Bureau
September 8th, 2018
During the air and missile attack to the headquarter of Kurdistan Democratic party 14 charismatic members of our party have been killed and more than 45have been injured.
The name of the Martyrs are as follow::
1. Karim Mahdavi (Karim Saqezi), member of leading board
2. Ebrahim Ebrahimi (Ebrahim Zeveiy), member of leading board
3. Nasrin Haddad, member of leading board
4. Rahman Piroti, member of leading board
5. Sohaila Qadri member of leading board
6. Mohammad Hassan Pour
7. Hashm Azizi member of leading board
8. Osman Osmani
9. Karim Rasoul Zadeh ( Sherko)
10. Hawre Karsaz ( Hawre Shikhani)
11. Peshawa Seyd Omar
12. Jamal Akbari
13. Mansour Akbar Pour 
on 19th of September Mr Qader Izadi  one of the injurd persons during the missile attack has been dead.