2018-06-27 07:14:27

Honorable Mr. President! 
Dear Mr. Secretary General! 
Members of the presidium of the Socialist International! Participants of the council meeting!

I am pleased and honored to be representing KDP-Iran at this SI council meeting and I would like to convey my gratitude for the opportunity to present you an insight to the Kurdish people and other peoples’ lives under the rule of Islamic Republic of Iran. 
The Islamic Republic’s policy is irresponsible and destabilizing behavior in the Middle East, and the regime’s support of international terrorism is universally well known, hence I deem it unnecessary to address it in this short speech. 
However, it is painful for the Iranian people when the Islamic Republic’s policies are discussed, terrorism, exporting revolution and the international treaties and conventions are ignored by the regime. However, the crackdown and oppressing of freedom seekers, the wide abuse of Human Rights and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities, are rarely mentioned. 
It is a fact that the regime is ignoring the international conventions about lack of freedom and democracy. The abuse of Human Rights and the economic hardship that touches the hearts of the masses, encourages them to engage in a serious, decisive struggle against this reactionary and dictator regime. 
Dear comrades! 
As you are aware, Iran is a multiethnic country in which at least six different ethnic groups are living, but their ethnic rights are not officially acknowledged. They do not have the right of education in their mother tongue and demanding the most basic rights leads to persecution, disappearance and even death. I believe the status of democratic rights in Iran is known to all of you. Arrest, imprisonment, torture, disappearance and killing of the freedom seekers and dissidents are happening on a daily basis.
I would like to draw your attention to a painful truth that in the majority of the countries, if the laws are neglected, it would cause the abuse of the rights of the citizens of that country. In many cases in Islamic Iran, the application of the laws, even the constitution, means that the rights of many groups are abused. Women, young people and people belonging to non-Persian ethnics and worshippers of religions other than the official one, are deprived of their Human Rights. 
During the past 40 years, the policy of oppression and persecution has resulted in tens of thousands of political prisoners and executions, and more than 5 million people have left the country. Nevertheless, the Islamic Republic has failed in subduing the Iranian people and the struggle against the regime has continued. The events after the eighth presidential election in 2009 and the popular uprising in January this year in several Iranian cities are example of several cases in which the Iranian people have risen up against the totalitarian Islamic regime. 
But if we look at Kurdistan, where the Islamic Republic’s oppression have been harder, one can see that there has hardly been a month or a year during which the theocratic regime has not been challenged by the people there.

Honorable Mr. President, dear comrades! 
With steadfast belief in those values on which the Socialist International organization is built upon, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the champion of Iranian Kurds’ legitimate struggle for their rights, started its journey of friendship and eventually joining this great organization as a member, long time ago. 
Our legendary leader Dr. Abdolrahman Qasemlou was the first leader within the Kurdish freedom movement to participate in congresses and meetings of the Socialist International. 
Fortunately, nowadays there are several Kurdish organizations from different parts of Kurdistan, are member of the Socialist International, and there is a solid relationship between the Kurdish movement and the SI. However I would like to refer to our relationship with the Socialist International organization as a sapling which has been nurtured by the blood of our two great leaders, the martyrs Dr. Abdolrahman Qasemlou and Dr. Sadeq Sharafkandi who both were assassinated by the Islamic Republic terrorists after participating in SI congresses. 
Dr. Qasemlou was assassinated on July 1989 in Vienna and Dr. Sharafkandi on September 1992 in Berlin. 
We hope that the Socialist International should support the legitimate aspirations of the Kurdish people, as always, and we expect this meeting, in a clear, strong resolution, to support the legitimate Kurdish demands in all parts of Kurdistan and to particularly condemn the policy of oppression and discrimination of the Islamic Republic towards the Iranian Kurds and other communities. 
Dear comrades! 
I thank you for being patient and I wish you a successful meeting.

Political Bureau of Kurdistan Democratic Party 
(KDP-IRAN) 26th June 2018