Briefing KDP-Iran's views on recent developments in southern Kurdistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran's interference in Iraqi Kurdistan

2017-10-30 22:20:21

 Following the referendum on independence in South Kurdistan on 25th of September 2017, the central governments controlling various parts of Kurdistan posed threats to Kurdistan regional government in terms of embargo, surrounding and blocking the roads and means that KRG used to use to reach the outside world, conducting military assault, simultaneously and in a synchronized way which culminated in Iraqi army and Iraqi Shiite militia (PMF) retaking Kirkuk and a large part of disputed areas.

Considering the role that the Islamic Republic of Iran played in completing those conspiracies against KRG and the impact the new situation has had on the Kurdish question and the movement in East Kurdistan in general, the summary of Kurdistan Democratic Party’s opinion regarding the latest events in Kurdistan Region is as follows:

1.      Despite the historical animosity from Kurdish people’s enemies towards this people’s wish for liberation and self-determination, like any other people in the world, the fact that the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan, through democratic and modern means showed their aspiration, in accordance to the conventions and principles of self-determination is a legitimate right of this people and a result of a century old annexation, oppression and discrimination against the Kurdish people in Iraq. Those who should be criticized are not the Kurds but the governments controlling Kurdistan, since in response to the peaceful expression by an oppressed people, even before they took any step towards secession, those governments immediately responded with isolating, starving and militarily attacking this people. On the other hand, regardless of the reasons behind the setback and victory of the Kurds in this or that phase, the victory of the mobilization of the Kurd’s enemies or our people’s retreat, should not have a negative effect on the political psychology of a Kurd and the Kurdish forces belief on sovereignty seeking essence of the Kurdish movement as a politically justified quest, since self-determination (in any form), is the Kurdish people’s legitimate right and this right has eventually to come true.

2.      Returning of Kirkuk and other areas outside KRG under the central government’s control, apart from foreign plans and conspiracies, shows the lack of unity among the Kurdish parties, weak coordination between political viewpoints and field operation, which unfortunately resulted in this crucial short coming creating an even greater division between the Kurdish groups. We at the same time support the efforts to achieve the justified rights and safeguard previous Kurdish achievements in South Kurdistan (in any suitable way for this phase), emphasize the need to prevent deepening divisions between the Kurds and learning the lesson from the reasons behind the latest domestic development and demand that all parties in South Kurdistan act responsibly to reach an agreement about a roadmap to tackle this situation, something that requires coordination and common position with forces from other parts of Kurdistan. 

3.      The international community’s passivity and negligence towards the embargo and military aggression against Kurdistan has emboldened the Iraqi government to a degree that beyond the previous framework for the Iraqi and the Kurdish forces’ position, it threatens the Kurdistan region and its position in the constitution. This passivity and negligence especially from the leading nations of the coalition against ISIS, shows their disloyalty towards a people’s bravery and sacrifices which according to the same coalition’s acknowledgement, this people’s Peshmergas, as the whole world’s representatives, have fought the extremists who posed a great threat to the world’s security. Beyond that, considering the sources of extremism, instability and the regional rivalry in the Middle East and the model of openness and coexistence existing in the Kurdistan region, we consider the hitherto international community’s standpoint regarding the latest development in Kurdistan region, not only for the future of this people but for the future of the region both from the political and the security point of view as alarming.

4.      Regardless of the existing regional coordination for pressuring and intimidating of Kurdistan, the single most efficient factor of the recent events in Kurdistan region, which has been admitted by the authorities in Islamic Republic, has been the Iranian regime’s support for the Iraqi army and Hash Al-Shaabi militia (the Popular Mobilization Forces). The destabilization role of the Islamic Republic in the recent events in South Kurdistan, apart from being a continuation of this regime’s intervention in different countries in the region especially in Iraq, it shows, better than ever, that this regime is not a friend of the Kurds in any part of Kurdistan and if it has shown sign of cooperation and interaction with the Kurds, this has been as long  as the existence and movement of the Kurds do not threaten the strategic interests of this regime. Iran’s role and intervention in recent events in Iraq and South Kurdistan is not only worthy of being studied by Kurds in this part of Kurdistan, but also by the US administration, which some days before, had designated the IRGC as supporters of terrorism.  

5.      As far as East Kurdistan is concerned, both the political parties of this part of Kurdistan and the Kurdish community both inside and abroad, both during the referendum process and later have not been negligent, but as a result of their actions,  hundreds of people inside the country have been arrested and been harassed. We appreciate the patriotic position of the Kurdish community and East Kurdistan’s political movement, at the same time we find it necessary for the East Kurdistan’s parties and the people inside the country as well as abroad to make the Islamic Republic’s conspiracies in South Kurdistan and this regime’s threats against the East Kurdistan’s parties as ground for increased cooperation to reveal and counter these threats and conspiracies. At the same time we expect from all parties in East Kurdistan that when they express their views and solidarity about the events and developments in South Kurdistan to be aware of the plans and conspiracies of the Islamic Republic to widen the division between the Kurds and put the unity amongst the Kurdish movement above all.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)   


October 26th 2017