Kaboudvand’s life is in danger, we need to act immediately

2012-07-16 19:35:22


An Urgent Call:


Kaboudvand’s life is in danger, we need to act immediately



The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon;

United Nations Human Rights Council and Special Reporter on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, Mr. Ahmed Shaheed;

The Amnesty International;

The Human Rights Watch (Middle East Office);

All International Human Rights Defenders and Human Rights Defending Organizations;


The founder and President of Human Rights Organization of Iranian Kurdistan, Mohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand has been on hunger strike in prison for more than 50 days now. Kaboudvand is convicted to imprisonment due to his peaceful activities defending human rights and founding a civil society organization for gathering information and raising awareness on human rights in Kurdistan. He has been in prison for the last 5 years. To protest against the unbearable situation in prison, he has been on hunger strike since May 26th, 2012. In addition to his being deprived of receiving proper medical treatments in a hospital out of prison, his request for temporary prison leave to meet his son, Pejman who has cancer and to be present during Pejman’s treatment has been rejected by Islamic regime authorities. Today (Sunday July 15th) in a meeting in Evin prison Mr. Kaboudvand informed his wife that he has intensified his hunger strike and since last night 22.00 o’clock he has begun a dry hunger strike. He announced that the reason for his dry hunger strike is to protest the discrimination that the prisoners belonging to ethnic minorities are imposed to by authorities. 


Based on the information that we received and paying attention to the fact that he has been on hunger strike for more than 50 days, Mr. Kaboudvand’s emotional and physical situation is worsened crucially and his life is at risk if the international community refuses to carry out an immediate/urgent measure to stop this situation.


We request all the international human rights defenders and organizations, influential activists and intellectuals to do their efforts to save Mr. Kaboudvand’s life through putting pressure on Iranian Islamic regime authorities to observe the rights of prisoners and pay attention to Mr. Kaboudvand’s requests. Iranian authorities need to be forced not only to improve Mr. Kaboudvand’s situation but also to release him and to revise all the verdicts and sentences of political and civic activist prisoners.  


Using this opportunity, I ask Mr. Kaboudvand’s family and friend to inform him about my message and the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s request to stop his hunger strike in order to not allow the Iranian Islamic regime’s plan to eliminate him to get realized and not to allow that the Iranian Kurds lose their beloved and admired Human Rights activist. We assure him that the entire world has heard the voice of his protest and the international community is informed about the reasons behind his hunger strike. It remains as a responsibility for Iranian and Kurdish people and the entire world’s consciousness to play their role with regard to Mr. Kaboudvand’s demands.


I also use this opportunity to invite all Kurdistan and Iranian political parties, organizations and civil society foundations to cooperate and participate in a general overall movement to show their support for Mr. Kaboudvand’s demands and to put pressure on Iranian Islamic regime to respect Human Rights.

Once more attract your attention to the urgency of the immediate measures to be carried out to save Mr. Kaboudvand’s life.  


Khalid Azizi

Secretary General

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP-Iran)

Sunday, July 15th, 2012