کارو تێکۆشانی حیزبی

Khalid Azizi's Speech in Congress Of The Socialist International 2017, Cartagena, Colombia

2017-03-18 10:12:39

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guest, Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General:

I would like to thank you for the opportunity that it's been given to me to express few words regarding the issues surrounding the Middle East and Kurdistan. 

There are many serious problems which are very important to the future of nations who they live in the region such as human rights, women's rights, fundamentalism, Rights of minorities and so on.  

Radicalization and terrorism that have created an environment for terror in a region with a lot of diversity has become a matter and big risk to peace and security for the world. Middle East while facing a lot of challenges, at same time there are opportunities to seize the momentum in order to have a comprehensive road-map for the future of this region, where Kurds are a deniable fact in the this scenario.

 Each one of those issues are important but the most threatening issue is new era of fundamentalism that is not only going to destroy the ancient culture of tolerance and coexistence but it's designed to destroy the humanity as well. It's not only threatening the Middle East but also its threatened the entire world that is mostly been built on determination and contribution to peace. 

Therefore We should get all united behind Kurdish people not only to fights this evil but to build aftermath the society which can provide peace and tolerance and human rights for every individual. I know it's not easy to master the dark forces and frankly future forecasts isnt clear either, but as human being it's our duty to protect and preserve peace and stability in the region. At the end of the day we are all belong to international community which is burden on our shoulder to take responsibility. 

It's important to morally stay behind our desperate people who they are in needs of contributions to survive. As of Iranian Kurd, who is in struggle with the brutal regime of Iran for many years and to despite our peaceful message, we have been victimized by the Islamic regime.

I like to remind you Kurdish nation who is fighting really hard in one front with ISIS, as Iranian Kurds we have fought in deferent front against the totalitarian Iranian Islamic regime that has no respect for any rolls.

Just a few months ago as of Kurdistan Democratic Party, we were become the target by the Iranian regime and unfortunately, we have lost some party members that they could be the freedom and democracy assistance. Now considering the situation, shall we retaliate terror with terror? No, we didn't. Our party has fought for many decades but promoting taking other's life was not and will not going to be the center of our interest.

We strongly believe in democracy and freedom, respect for human life and tolerance. We think, in order to build better world and solving the issues in Middle East, it demands serious attention to Iranian Islamic regime and its behaviors in region.

Today everyone know Iranian government is trying very hard to build its own religious impair in the region. Now it is the responsibly of the socialist international as of light tower to illuminate the road by promoting this issues in the world and bringing more people to support in this regard.


My fellow comrades,

We expect the social international would take more active rolls in our region by supporting the Kurdish case in Middle East along putting more pressure on the Iranian government to respect Kurdish rights in Iran.


Kurdistan democratic party strongly has believed that a peaceful solution is the only best option toward Kurdish issues in Iran therefore we are demanding from all the sides to help us achieving our goals.


Thank you