KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani met the Moderate Party representative Hans Rothenberg, who is the party's representative in Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee. 2018-11-15
IRGC’s air and space commander claims 'Israeli and Saudi Representatives' have been killed during the missile attack at KDP-I’s headquarters 2018-11-15
KDP-Iran Secretary General’s speech in the memorial meeting of (missile attack) victims on 8th of September 2018 2018-11-07
KDP’s Representative meeting with Secretary General of Olof Palme International Center 2018-11-07
KDP’s Representative Meeting with Swedish Democrats (SD) 2018-11-07
Citing Iran, military officials are alarmed by shrinking U.S. footprint in Middle East 2018-11-05
WHY overlooking (Iranian) terrorist plots? 2018-11-02
A Tragedy Inspires an Impromptu Art Intervention in Iraqi Kurdistan 2018-11-01
The Islamic Republic of Iran's terroristic plan was neutralized in Denmark 2018-11-01
Denmark thwarts Iranian assassination plot 2018-10-31
Summoning and arresting 31 people and killing and wounding 19 piggy-back porters within a month 2018-10-30
Women on the move 2018-10-30
Representative of (KDP-I) Mouloud Swara visited UK Parliament. 2018-10-30
A delegation from the Social Democratic Party of Sweden visited PDK-I in Koya city 2018-10-28
Kurdish official: US should protect Iran’s Kurds from missile attacks 2018-10-28
Two other Kurdish piggyback-porters were killed and injured 2018-10-28
Khalid Azizi: “Despite of being attacked by missiles, we will not denounce dialog.” 2018-10-27
Meeting between Swedish Social Democratic Party representative in Sweden's parliament with KDP-I Representative Arez Ramazani. 2018-10-25
Coinciding with the 40th day commemoration of September 8th martyrs, the East Kurdistan parliamentary friendship group was established in the UK parliament 2018-10-23
Iranian Kurds call on international community to prevent new Iran cross-border attacks 2018-10-18
Meeting with MP and Shadow Minister for Peace &Disarmament Fabian Hamilton. 2018-10-09
J Street’s support for keeping nuclear deal intact empowers human rights abuse in Iran 2018-10-09
Dear Readers and Kurds Dear European Kurdish friends 2018-10-08
Kurdish families caught between Iran and the US 2018-10-07
Nobel Peace Prize for anti-rape activists Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege 2018-10-05
Political meeting between left party representative Lotta Johnsson Fornarve and KDP-I representative Arez Ramazani in Sweden. 2018-10-02
Statement regarding the first plenary meeting of KDP Iran’s central committee following the Iranian missile attack on September 8th 2018, 2018-09-23
Message of gratitude and call for further measures by UN Security Council 2018-09-21
Iran is “reportedly developing the capability for its proxy militias to produce their own missiles inside of Iraq 2018-09-21

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